"My experience at Martin’s Milk Service these past 6 years has been positive. Martin is a family-orientated business with an open-door policy. Whenever an issue arises, there is always someone you can talk to, to resolve it. Anyone looking for a more relaxing family-oriented truck driving experience should consider Martin."

- Dave D. - Owner Operator


"In 1999 after working 14 years as a truck driver for 3 large trucking companies, all of which broke promises and made detrimental changes to drivers, I came to work at Martin’s Milk Service. Now close to my 23rd year I can honestly say, though not perfect it’s as close as I think you’re going to get in this industry."

- Bill King - Company Driver


"I’ve been here for 3.5 years and I really like working here. The people are great and I really enjoy what I do every day."

- Richard S. - Company Driver


"Martin Milk has been hauling for us since the mid 90’s. With their commitment, loyalty, fair rates, friendly drivers, and staff, it goes to show the success they have had over the years. It makes my job a lot easier."

- Long-term Customer


"I have worked for Martin Milk for 18 years in the dispatch office. I started with no experience and have been fortunate enough to learn the business from the Martin family who own it. They take great pride in making it a good place to work for all of their employees. I value all the experience that I have gained over the years."

- Doreen Bayer - Driver Manager


"I have worked in the trucking industry for 27 years in various fields including dispatch, safety, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable. I started working with Martin Milk eleven years ago. I have never regretted making the decision to join the Martin’s team! We work together to make it a fun and safe environment for everyone. You become part of an amazing work family. I truly appreciate and admire the Martin’s and all they provide to their employees. When asked about how I see my future the answer is always the same, “I plan to retire here!” I’m grateful for my job, the opportunities and most importantly the knowledge and friendship I have gained by working here."

- Hollie Greatwood - Dispatch (Utah Terminal)


I am proud to say that I have worked at Martin’s for 20 + years and have grown up with this company. Working for Martin’s I have always felt like family. And that is one thing you will notice right from the start is how open and friendly the staff & employees are. You won’t find a more hard working, dedicated group of people. I have always had a feeling of job security here even through the tough times like Covid. Trucking is so important to the economy and it’s great to be able to be a part of something that has lasted through the times.

April Fawcett - Billing Dept.


I have been at Martin’s for 24 years. It is a friendly family-owned business where you are known by your name and not just a number.

Jody Webber - Company Driver